What is a Blow Pop?

From left to right: Bubble, Xantham

We love music, and we love you

Blow Pop is the spark that will reignite the flame of dance pop. This young duo has nothing but love to give and bass to boost. There is nothing stale about Blow Pop. It is a reconstitution of all of your favorite music, built exclusively as a safe space for you to pardon your worries and dance like there is no one watching. Although know, we are always watching.

Wow, I’m starstruck. Blow Pop really has done it. And boy have they done it right.

-Jordan Siden, detroit musician

There is no “i” in team. There is no “i” in Blow Pop. But there is an “i” in I LOVE THIS SONG.

-Konrad Strauss, Head of Audio Engineering and Sound Production at Indiana University

I usually hate music like this, but this song is actually pretty cool.

-Grace Van’t Hof, bluegrass legend
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